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Using Garmin Connect with RunGap



  • Stephen Shephard

    I can never seem to get splits into Garmin Connect, either by exporting from RunKeeper or using the Share functionality from RunGap. It would be awesome if you all could find a way to preserve (or recreate) the 1-mile splits in RunKeeper when the activity is shared to GC. (sent a feedback email about this as well). 

  • Fred JG

    From April 2019 sharing data through rungap with Garmin Connect is broken.

    Also the recent iphone/IOS Rungap application update of 17 April, to tackle this, has not solved the issue. 

    I share TomTom smart watch data with Garmin connect through Rungap.

    That has always had issues:

    1. steps are never converted.

    2. splits have never been converted correctly. in the past 1km was converted to 1.06km with weird split times but total time and average pace usually correct.

    Since December 2018 the splits are not converted anymore. Only total run time and average pace are correctly converted.

    I guess it has become difficult to stay connected with Garmin Connect due to their api policies. Rungap is not worth my Swag bag money anymore if Rungap cannot properly match Garmin connect anymore.


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