Using TrainingPeaks with RunGap


Connecting your TrainingPeaks Account

To connect an existing TrainingPeaks account:

  1. Select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu. 
  2. Select "TrainingPeaks."
  3. Tap "Connect", enter your username and password and authorise RunGap to access your account.

RunGap will now connect securely to your TrainingPeaks account. 

If you have lost your password you can reset it by entering your email or username at this link: .

Sharing your activities on TrainingPeaks

You can upload a single activity directly to TrainingPeaks by opening it from the "Activities" list, tapping the "..." button in the upper right corner and choosing "Share." This will bring up a page where you can choose to share the activity to on or more of the most popular services including TrainingPeaks along with an optional message. Please note that sharing the same workout more than once may create duplicate workouts on TrainingPeaks.

Similarly, you can upload all your activities directly to TrainingPeaks by choosing "Share & Export" from the upper left menu and then "TrainingPeaks." RunGap will then upload all activities not previously uploaded to TrainingPeaks. This may take a while the very first time, but RunGap will automatically skip previously uploaded activities which have not been modified and therefore subsequent exports will complete much faster.

If you need to upload a selection of activities, you can set a filter from the upper, right "..." menu to select workouts within a specific date range, with a special type etc.. Next, choose "Use Filter" and then "Share" from the upper, right "..." to share only the workouts matching by the filter

Finally you can use Auto Sharing to share new workouts as they are imported from other services.

Please note that the Swag Bag [1] is required in order to share activities directly to TrainingPeaks.

Disconnecting your TrainingPeaks Account

To disconnect your TrainingPeaks account, select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu and then "TrainingPeaks." Next, choose "Log out" to disconnect the account.


If you see the message "Unable to post activity to TrainingPeaks" it means that RunGap is unable to contact the TrainingPeaks service and upload a workout. This is most likely a communications problem or a problem with your TrainingPeaks account. Please check your Internet connection and try to connect using the TrainingPeaks Website to verify your account and the service.

If you have lost your password you can reset it by entering your email or username at this link: .

For other problems, please contact

Data Liberation Score

The "Data Liberation Score" is a number in the range 1–5 where 1 is poor and 5 is best. The score indicates how easy it is to access and export your hard-earned workout data from a particular service. Unfortunately it is still common practice that fitness service providers love their users so much that they can't image them leaving and either forget to put handles on the inside of the door or make the door very, very tiny. The Data Liberation Score is meant to bring some attention to this problem

TrainingPeaks has a private API for 3rd party developers, which allows easy upload of workout data. To get data back out you will need to download workouts one by one from the website. Since TrainingPeaks does not track workout data itself but mainly deals with data recorded by other services and devices, the service gets an average score of "3."



 [1] The virtual "VIP Swag Bag" contains extra features and special deals reserved for RunGap users who help pay the bills via small donations. Choose "Swag Bag" from the upper left menu to get one.

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