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RunGap - Workout Data Manager - Support

Kristian Ottosen Jun 28 Announcements

There is a new version 2.4.31 in the App Store, which fixes a problem which could lead to corrupted workouts being imported from Garmin Connect on 64bit devices (iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini).

Please make sure to get this update if you are seeing workouts with weird dates or maps.

After updating the app, please delete the activities that didn't sync correctly (swipe left from the activity list) and perform a resynchronise from "Garmin Connect" under "Accounts & Settings".

Kristian Ottosen Jun 25 Announcements


By popular demand Swag Bag holders can now post workouts from other sources directly to SmashrunSmashrun is a free running app that lets you see your progress, gain new insight into your running, and motivate your training.

This update also contains:

• 64-bit support.
• Workarounds for Polar Flow malformed TCX data.
• Added "Treadmill Running” workout type.
• Fixes and enhancements for Strava, Fitbit, and Polar Personal Trainer.
• The usual minor enhancements and fixes.


Kristian Ottosen May 29 Announcements


By popular demand you can now fetch workouts (including those shared by your friends) directly from SportsTracker. Swag Bag holders can also share workouts from other sources to SportsTracker. This update also fixes Endomondo import/export and other problems.

Kristian Ottosen Feb 27 Announcements


By popular demand you can now get the most from your Polar devices and apps. Available on the App Store.

Kristian Ottosen December 13, 2014 Announcements


There is a new RunGap in the App Store today with a brand new Gear Tracker.

Now you can easily track the distance and time spent using your shoes, bikes and other gear.