FIXED: Import from Garmin Connect unavailable!

On February 23rd 2021 Garmin made some unexpected changes which currently prevents RunGap from importing new workouts from Garmin Connect. 

Update February 24th: The issue has been fixed in version 2.64 update now on the App Store.

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    Stephen Robinson

    Thank you for letting us know !

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    Garmin are a nightmare the way they do this repeatedly. They must drive their API users nuts!! Thanks Kristian.

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    Paul Hammond

    Are you sure this is fixed, or have Garmin changed the API again? In any case, Run Gap doesn't seem able to read activities from Garmin Connect at the moment.

    Thanks, Paul

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    Kristian Ottosen

    Yes. The current issue is a general Garmin problem. New workouts are missing on the Garmin Connect website too and not uploading to Strava.

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