Endomondo is shutting down - Now what?

With the very sad news of Under Armour shutting down Endomondo by the end of 2020, millions of Endomondo users will soon need a new home for their Endomondo workout data.

No matter if you are taking your Endomondo workout data to Under Armour's other platform "MapMyRun" or choose one or more of the other platforms like Strava or Garmin, here are your options for getting your data from Endomondo.


Upload your Endomondo data directly to a MapMyRun account.

No surprise, this is what Under Armour recommends. It seems to work pretty pretty fast and most data appears to transfer correctly. I noticed that some notes entered as "status updates" were missing - but workout types, titles and other meta look fine at first glance. To do this follow the instructions here.


Download your Endomondo data in ZIP format.

This took a few days after which I received a link to a large ZIP file per email. The individual workouts are stored in the rather outdated TCX format along with an extra file with proprietary Endomondo data.

One problem with the TCX format is that the type or workouts is limited to "running", "biking" and "other". So, most of the 75+ workout types supported by Endomondo will end up as "other".

Also, other metadata such as notes and titles are not included in the TCX files.

So, even if you can upload these TCX files to a range of other services, you are likely going to loose some of the information about workout type, titles, notes etc. This information is stored in the proprietary Endomondo data files - but to the best of my knowledge, no other app or service is able to merge it with the TCX data while importing.

To download your data follow the instructions here


Import you Endomondo data to RunGap and share it as you like.

RunGap can import workout data directly from Endomondo and will automatically merge the proprietary metadata with the TCX workout data and store the complete workouts in a private database located on your iOS device. Make sure to enable "Keep Source Titles" if you want to preserve the titles assigned to workouts in Endomondo.

As long as you make sure to backup your device on a regular basis, your data will be safe no matter if services get "retired", hacked, corrupted or otherwise become inaccessible. 

With your data stored in RunGap you have the freedom to easily export it to one or more of the 20+ services already supported by RunGap. This will allow you to "shop around" and try out different services. New services are being added on a regular basis.

Importing workouts from Endomondo is free of charge and does not require a subscription. Exporting workouts directly to other services or formats do require a "Swag Bag" subscription at the time of export.

You can get your free copy of RunGap here.




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    Philippe Vijghen

    Thanks. This is the best option at this stage. Congratulation.

    Good that you have mentioned the « keep source title »: I had not selected it an it matters.

    Any hope that RunGap could helping for saving the descriptive comments and possibly the pictures ?

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    Kōkishin Kitsune

    Ditto Phillipe’s question.  The JSON in Endomondo’s ZIP archive has the entered workout descriptions, more detailed workout type, and links to the archived photos if uploaded.  It would be wonderful if RunGap could archive this data so that it is available to any service whose API allows for the import of user images and comments.

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