FIXED: RunKeeper integration broken again. Sigh.

This issue was fixed (for the time being) in version 2.56 released on October 22nd - but the overall situation is still the same.

As of October 20 the RunKeeper integration is down again.

This time Asics blocked a different, undocumented API call used by RunGap.

It is a little ironic that this also broke logins from their own RunKeeper app on Android. Because of this, I was hoping that they would remove the block again after discovering this - but apparently this is not a priority or no one is installing RunKeeper on Android devices  (?).

So, once again I am trying to work around this - but it may take some time.

You can read more about the sad RunKeeper situation here.

Thanks for your patience.


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    Umi Dowell

    Thankyou for always persevering with Runkeeper. I sent an email to their support desk this morning, it’s not the first time I’ve complained to them about this! I really appreciate everything you do to keep our running data synchronised! 😊👍🏽

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    lianne yarvis

    Thank you -- I appreciate your tenacity.  And I've voiced my concern to them. My shoe business goes elsewhere until they play nicely with everyone.

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    Paul Allen

    2.57 is now working for me. Thank you for all your efforts.

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    James Wadsworth

    Thank you Kristian, appreciate your efforts.

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    Sorry to say that but it's still not working for me with version 2.57.

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