How to fix missing route maps from Apple Watch.

If the maps for your Apple Watch workouts are no longer showing up in RunGap, then you are  most likely hit by an annoying issue with iOS that sometimes prevents 3rd party apps from reading the route map for recently completed workouts. 

Luckily there is a simple way to get the maps into RunGap:

  1. Check that all permissions for RunGap are enabled in Health as described here.

  2. Delete the workouts with missing maps (swipe left in the Activities list).

  3. Tap "Resynchronize Activities" for "Health" under "Accounts & Settings" to fetch fresh copies for the previously deleted workouts.

  4. If this still doesn't fix it, your HealthKit database may be in a "funny" state (e.g. because of running a beta version of iOS). Please try to restart your phone and repeat from step 1.

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