FIXED: Runtastic Import broken

Runtastic has implemented new ways to prevent third party apps like RunGap from fetching workout data. This time they added so called CAPTCHAs which require you to prove that you are not a robot by choosing pictures etc. before downloading your workouts. I have found a workaround for this - but it might take a day or two to prepare. 

In my opinion it is bad practice trying to lock in peoples data this way and you might consider looking for an alternative to Runtastic that doesn't try to imprison your data this way.

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    Kristian Ottosen

    At least for the time being, Runtastic Import is working again.

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    Rob Baggerman

    Cool thanks!

    Let's hope it keeps on working. 



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    Stephen Shephard

    Maybe an odd question, but does RunGap import data from all the runtastic apps, like push-ups and pull-ups from Runtastic Fitness? I know it's called RUNgap, not FitnessGap, but am looking for a way to bring in that kind of data. 

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