RunGap 2.6.3 with Polar Flow Export in the App Store

With version 2.6.3 the most well-connected Workout Data manager also exports workout data directly to Polar Flow.

The Polar Flow app is available for both iOS and Android and via Polar is a pioneer of wearable sports and fitness technology and one of the leaders of heart rate monitoring for more than 35 years.

Get it on the App Store.

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    Kai Hawaii


    I'm having trouble with syncing my activities with Polar Flow...
    Here's the setup:
    I record activities with Polar and sync them directly to Strava - no problem, no Rungap needed.
    I manually add activities to Strava in the Strava (iPhone)app(if I didn't record them with a Polar device) because Polar doesn't offer manual entries in their apps - just in the Flow webservice.
    I sync Rungap with Strava on the iPhone to see all activities. BUT the manual entries do not appear in Polar Flow. If I try to connect Flow to Rungap it creates double entries in Strava and in Polar...
    Any suggestions?

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