How to add your own Swag to the virtual Swag Bag


Please contact if you would like the opportunity to insert something cool into the RunGap virtual “Swag Bag”. We reserve the right to refuse any swag we believe is incompatible with our mission.

Preparing your Swag

If your entry is accepted you will need to provide the following details for use within the app:

  • Title. 
  • Subtitle.
  • URL to a webpage with details on how to claim the goodies. The page must be optimised to work well on iPhone, iPad and iPod mobile devices.
  • Image URL to a square image in PNG format with a resolution of 80 by 80 pixel or better. 
  • Optional list of countries where your entry is applicable. Countries should be listed as ISO 3166 country codes. The user's country is determined from the public IP number and your entry will only be displayed to users located in the countries listed. Simply omit the list to have your entry displayed everywhere.
  • Optional list of activity types. Your entry will only be displayed to users who have completed at least one activity for one or more of the activity types in the list. Valid types are "run", "bike", "walk", "winter" and "water".  Simply omit the list to have your entry displayed without regard to the user's activities.

Testing your Swag

You can test how your entry looks and behaves in the App by preparing a JSON formatted text file like the one listed below called "swag.json"  and copying it to the device via IOS File Sharing.


    "title" : "Free Support (Test)",
    "subtitle":"This is just an example",


The screen shot below shows how the "swag.json" file should be placed on the device from iTunes. 


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