Privacy Policy 15-May-2018

All your fitness data is stored in a private, local database on your device and only sent to external services when you expressly instruct the app to do so by using the share and export features found in the app.

At all times you remain anonymous and will have no personal account on our servers.

When sharing workouts to Facebook or via email or messages, an external, anonymous web page with a map and basic information about each workout is created and hosted on our servers operated by Amazon in California. These web pages are anonymous and protected by a 22 character pseudo random URL.

You can easily remove all web pages created by the app by using the "Delete Shared Web Pages" button found under "Privacy" in the app.

Data shared and exported to an external service will be governed according to the privacy policy for that service and the agreement that you have in place for that particular service.

Credentials on the form of login and passwords are required for some services, which do not offer APIs with better alternatives. All credentials are stored securely in the IOS Keychain on your local device ONLY and used as securely as possible (https).

Non-identifiable usage analytics are tracked using Google Analytics. These data are used to monitor performance and improve the app. Google retains user-level and event-level data for 14 months.



You can delete all your personal data stored on our servers immediately by using the "Delete Shared Web Pages" button found under "Privacy" in the upper, left main menu in the app.


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