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RunGap brings dynamic and adaptive planning to your iOS device by integrating the unique and highly effective 2PEAK Training Service.  

With 2PEAK's patented, dynamic approach volume and intensity of training will be re-calculated specifically depending on the training completed. This means that the plan is constantly changing, making adjustments to fit exactly to your personal requirements. A key element in this process is your training log, which amongst other things, captures important information such as your personal recovery capability. This data is then used to adapt your workouts. This dynamic approach allows 2PEAK to constantly provide you with a training plan optimized especially for you, ensuring you reach peak physical fitness from the time that you have been able to allocate.

Setting up your 2PEAK Account

You can create a new 2PEAK account and get a risk-free 21 day trial directly from RunGap. No credit card required .

From RunGap:

  1. Choose "Training Plan" from the upper-left menu and tap "Register".
  2. Fill out the form with your contact details and information about your goal and experience.
  3. Tap "Register".

2PEAK will then create an account and prepare a personal training plan tailored to your needs. 

The RunGap Training Plan will display upcoming 2PEAK workouts for the next month. The training plan is refreshed whenever you perform a synchronisation, which you can also do by pulling down the list or tap the refresh button in the upper-right corner while viewing the Training Plan. 

At the bottom of the list you will find a "More at the 2PEAK website" button. This will take you directly to the 2PEAK website and log you in automatically.

The 2PEAK website

The 2PEAK website offers a very rich set of features and you will find endless ways to tweak and customise your training plans to your specific needs. It is a good idea to spend some time to familiarise yourself with the 2PEAK system, using either the webbrowser directly from RunGap, or by using the full website from a browser on a PC.

You might want to look at the General Settings - especially Heart Rate Zones  and Training Schedule and if you want to train for specific events, you should also enter your races from the Races & Goals page.

At the time of writing you will also need to visit 2PEAK website to log uploaded activities and re-calculate your Training Plan - but this is likely to change in the near feature.

Connecting to an existing 2PEAK Account

To connect an existing 2PEAK account:

  1. Select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu. 
  2. Select "2PEAK."
  3. Tap "Connect", enter your username and password and authorise RunGap to access your data.

RunGap will now connect securely to your account and ask you if you would like to import your logged workouts. If you choose "Update" RunGap will start importing your previously logged workouts right away. You can also choose "Disable" to leave importing disabled in case you want to leave the connection in "Write Only" mode. You can enable and disable importing as you like later and your Training Plan will be refreshed either way.

Training with RunGap Audio Coaching

You can tap on individual workouts from Training Plan to view details about the intervals in that workout. In addition to memorising, writing it down or programming your watch or app, you can now use RunGap to keep track of the intervals for you while training.

  • Simply tap the "Play" button in the upper-right corner when viewing a workout and the RunGap "Workout Player" will appear.
  • Tap the large "Play" button in the middle of the screen to start the workout.

When the workout has started, RunGap will display your intervals on screen as well as guide you with a SIRI-like voice. Voice coaching will continue even if you launch another app or lock your device. This way, you can use your favourite app such as Endomondo, Strava, RunKeeper and others to track your workouts, while at the same time, listen to RunGap Audio Coaching. We call this approach "Bring your own app".

It is important to notice that RunGap does not track and record your workouts directly, and you should continue to use your favourite apps and devices, such as a GPS watch, to do the actual recording of your workouts. 


The author's audio coaching gear: RunGap in a SPIbelt and Plantronics wireless headphones. Normally used together with a Garmin Forerunner 620 watch for heart rate monitoring and workout recording.

IMPORTANT: Logging your activities on 2PEAK

Only by regularly logging your training will you be able to utilise the full potential that 2PEAK offers - including the unique dynamic approach to training.

You can upload a single activity directly to 2PEAK by

  1. Opening it from the "Activities" list.
  2. Tapping the "..." button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choosing "Share."

This will bring up a page where you can choose to share the activity to one or more of the most popular services including 2PEAK.

  • After your workouts have been uploaded you will need to visit the 2PEAK website to log the workouts and re-calculate the Training Plan as needed.

Importing logged workouts from 2PEAK

RunGap will automatically start fetching your activities in the background as soon as you connect your account and they will soon start appearing in the "Activities" list (choose "Activities" from the menu). When the initial synchronization is complete, you can fetch new activities from 2PEAK by dragging the list down or tapping the refresh button in the upper right corner in the "Activities" or "Friend Feed" lists.

Please note that RunGap will automatically skip duplicate activities based on starting time.

Exporting your 2PEAK activities to other services

Similar to sharing your activities to 2PEAK, you can share activities imported from 2PEAK directly to other services such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Endomondo and RunKeeper. You can also export individual or all activities in standard formats such as TCX or GPX and transfer them either directly to other apps or via Dropbox or by email. Please note that some export features require the Swag Bag [1].

Disconnecting your 2PEAK Account

To disconnect your 2PEAK account:

  1. Select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu and then "2PEAK."
  2. Choose "Log Out" to disconnect the account.

Activities, which have already been imported, will be preserved – but new activities will no longer be fetched from 2PEAK and your training plan will no longer be available.


If you experience problems refreshing your training plan or uploading new activities you might want to try logging in to the website via the "More at the 2PEAK website" button at the bottom of the "Training Plan". If that fails too, the problem is most likely a network problem or a problem with the 2PEAK service itself.

In case some of your logged activities are missing or accidentally deleted from RunGap, you can perform a "Resynchronize" operation to restore them.  To resynchronise:

  1. Select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu and then "2PEAK."
  2. Choose "Resynchronize".

For other problems, please contact

Data Liberation Score

The "Data Liberation Score" is a number in the range 1–5 where 1 is poor and 5 is best. The score indicates how easy it is to access and export your hard-earned workout data from a particular service. Unfortunately it is still common practice that fitness service providers love their users so much that they can't image them leaving and either forget to put handles on the inside of the door or make the door very, very tiny. The Data Liberation Score is meant to bring some attention to this problem

2PEAK offers a modern API for 3rd party developers, which allows both easy upload and retrieval of workout data. This earns 2PEAK a nice score of no less than "5."





 [1] The virtual "VIP Swag Bag" contains extra features and special deals reserved for RunGap users who help pay the bills via small donations. Choose "Swag Bag" from the upper left menu to get one.

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