Using Ski Tracks with RunGap

This article describes how to import tracks recorded by the excellent skiing app Ski Tracks - GPS Track Recorder to RunGap.

Starting with version 2.0.5 RunGap can import activities in GPX, TCX, and FIT format directly from other iOS app such as Mail, DropBox and RunTastic.

This can be used to import your Skiing activities to RunGap in a few steps: 

1) First open the track in Ski Tracks and tap the "share" button in the lower right corner just above the settings button.



2)  Select "Email" from the "Share track" list and make sure to select GPX format before sending the track to yourself.


3) Open the email from the Mail Inbox and tap on the attached GPX file. 



4) This will display the raw XML data for the track. Don't be afraid - but simply tap the upload button in the upper right corner.



5) Select the "Open in RunGap" option and the track will be imported into RunGap. The distance and duration in the GPX data includes time spent in the lifts - so you may want to edit them in RunGap afterwards.

You can use this method to import tracks in standard TCX, GPX or FIT format from other apps as well.

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