RunGap 2.3 with 2PEAK High-Tech Training and iOS 8 now available.


RunGap 2.3 is now available on the App Store

New Features

  • Support for 2PEAK High-Tech Training:
    • Get an overview of your scheduled workouts and detailed information for each individual workout.
    • Play audio coaching for scheduled workouts. Audio coaching works in the background so that you can keep using your favourite app or device to track your moves.
    • Upload activities fetched from any of the many supported services directly to 2PEAK.
    • Download completed workouts from 2PEAK for easy backup and sharing on other services.
  • Numerous enhancements and fixes for iOS 8.
  • Share your workout data with the new Health app (requires iOS 8.0.2 or later).

Taking your training to the next level with 2PEAK

Train Dynamically

Life is full of unpredictable circumstances - work, weather or arrangements, that will invariably scuttle even the most carefully contrived plan. Unlike other plans, which totally ignore the balance of your life, 2PEAK dynamically recalculates your plan for every change you want or have to make.

Optimize Training Load

In order to improve your form you have to train hard so that your body is forced to adapt (it will improve). But you cannot train too hard because this will weaken your body instead. 2PEAK recalculates constantly the precise training load that you require.

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