RunGap 2.5.11 with improved Apple Watch support in the App Store

With version 2.5.11 RunGap now imports heart rate, distance, speed and cadence summaries and charts from Health.

This is particularly useful if you track workouts with the Apple Watch.

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    Hi Guys!
    I've been using ur Very Useful App since about 2 years already with those input:
    Accouts: RunKeeper, Nike+, Runtastic, SportsTracker, miCoach, dailymile, Fitbit, Facebook & Dropbox.
    I do sync my Activities with Health for iOS, RunKeeper, Runtastic, SportsTracker, dailymile, Facebook & finally Dropbox.
    I particularly enjoy the Fitbit Daily Summary that I can spread out to all the other Apps. (Just 1 thing though, if it could be populated as "Walk" or "Walking" it would save me a lot of time instead of having to go in each of the Apps to change it from the "Other" activities they create. If you have a workaround for this issue I'de be glad to hear it!)
    After several tries, I found that, liking to populate many Apps as I do, the best way I like to work is:
    - Always wearing my Fitbit Charge HR & daily syncing with the Fitbit App & also the Rungap one to get the Fitbit Daily Summary populated there.
    - When I go Running, I like using the Runtastic App on my iPhone 5s as I feel I get the best GPS infos for to the Distance (km) & Calories spent. I also use the Nike+Running & Nike+Fuel Apps and finally, I set my Fitbit in "Exercise mode" where I get a really precise reading of my HR during the exercise, steps & also the amount of "Stairs" climbed.
    - So, I use the Runtastic App Run Activity basic infos & add my in my Max & Average HR that I get from my Fitbit reading. Then, I have the possibility to add the Activity directly to RunGap as a .tcx file that I then Sync to all the other Apps, giving nice even entries throughout them (I manually change the Nike+Running & Nike+Fuel Apps Run activities though, being only OUT Apps).
    - However, despite adding manually my 2 HR data entries to Runtastic, or either of the other Apps other than Fitbit, I don't think they are used in the Calorie result, witch it is populated to impact.
    - Finally, I related allllll of this long story AhhA according to this AppleWatch post because I thought that maybe now your App could use the same Formula to retrieve my Fitbit Charge HR the same that it would do theAppleWatch datas? So then I could keep my HR datas along the Sync?
    Thank you very much for your time
    れศ匕 ℒศㄗᵎㄨ🍒

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    To facilitate things I opened a Request # 1851 Thank You!

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