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Training Effect not calculated by Garmin Connect



  • shiltian

    Really wish training status for other workouts could work again…

  • AAttack

    I don’t seem to be getting training load calculated for imported peloton rides (using either the data directly from peloton or from strava). I only installed RunGap today so don’t think it should be a version issue. Any advice?

  • Kristian Ottosen

    Did you enable “Fake Garmin Devices” under “Advanced Settings” for “Garmin Connect”?

    If yes, then please contact

  • AAttack

    I hadn’t, thank you for such an easy fix!

  • Scott Heger

    Kept trying to import runs and couldn’t figure out what I was missing until I found this thread.

    Interestingly, importing a walk did get the Training Effect, but runs do not.  Hikes seem to work as well.


    Changing the activity type to walk, and then exporting to Garmin gets the training effect. Then updating back to run and it keeps it.  Hacky but seems to work.

  • Cam Bennett

    Hi, this isn't working for me. I have a Fenix 7, and have enabled both “Fake Garmin Devices” and “Also Fake Partner Apps” in the garmin settings. Cycling activities get uploaded as Tacx rides, but I don't see training effect for them. Any idea what's going on?


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