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Issue with broken Garmin Connect integration 19/20-Oct-2023 (FIXED)



  • Sascha


    es wäre schön gewesen, wenn man in der App eine Rückmeldung bekommen hätte und nicht nur Done. 

    Freundliche Grüße 


  • hriegels

    Please tell us you will be able to fix this. The Garmin integration is the reason I purchased RunGap. Without it, there is no point to my using this app. 

  • Mikka Luster

    The workaround isn’t that much of a hassle. I am not sure who runs or swims more than five workouts a day, but even with those five it’s a five minute job I can do quickly in the evening. In fact, I consider it quite meditative to manually bring my achievements into the iCloud folder and refresh RunGap to see them being sent to the world.

  • Reto G

    Garmin / Apple health integration is MY reason for the app. Hope for a quick fix. Thanks!

  • sebastian.oye

    I have also purchased RunGap to Sync between Apple Health and Garmin Connect. I am looking forward to a fix. 

    Syncing the metrics via labs is also not working btw. 

  • adam.spalek

    The bridge from RunGap to Garmin was the main reason I subscribed. Would appreciate a quick solution and more proactive communication.

  • Loidl Albert

    C’mon guys, rungap is far the best app for syncing. It is not his mistake, if garmin changed the api. He said, rungap will be repaired. Pls dont cry like babies …

  • Reto G

    Haven't seen any posting that would be anything like “crying like a baby”…

  • Mikka Luster

    The downvotes of entitlement are stunning. You paid 9.99 for a whole year of grab bag features and now whine because the equivalent of a vegan latte doesn’t buy you service you wouldn’t get from companies selling their much less performant solutions for six to ten times that.

    The workaround works. It’s easy. None of the functionality is gone. In fact, let’s raise a glass to the author whose solutions buffer for all the bullcrap a more and more greedy and less community oriented Garmin throws at enthusiasts.

    It’s not RunGap that is broken. It’s your messiah Garmin intentionally returning an empty dataset. This makes it impossible for RunGap to detect an issue (thus just “done,” RunGap has no way of knowing if you indeed had a new workout there or not, Garmin just lies and says you don’t.

    So how in seven hells should RunGap give you advanced warning?  “Hey guys, Capricorn is in the sixth house and my VO2max is sinking, Garmin will intentionally break its API again?”

    You didn’t buy an app. You helped an independent developer out (and, dude, what a great app he did develop) and he gave you a grab bag of goodies to have some fun with. You lost nothing, even the ability to get your workouts from Garmin into Apple which, we remind ourselves, is intentionally crippled by Garmin, still works.

    Go run a few miles, do the 15 second workaround, and chill.

  • Reto G

    Well Mikka, maybe we all find the issue not that terrible, however it's not meditative to me. I am pretty confident Rungap will be back functional with Garmin soon, however it's not pleasing me, that's what actuall most stated. No bashing, no swearing whatsoever. I am pretty chilled…

  • mike.wilson

    Rungap is great. Garmin is not, and I’m ditching mine soon. Until then, hope this can be resolved one way or another. 

  • Luozheng

    Another related question to Garmin, is it possbile to support 2FA in rungap for Garmin ?

  • creamy_markus

    So just wait till it's fixed, sooner or later. Till that, no need to do the manual sync, it's not life changing if it's not up-to-date for some days. 

  • Tyler ewing

    Is there a way to fake the Garmin data when exporting to iCloud? That way when you import to Garmin with the workaround you need get credit for the ride. That’s one of the best features run gap has! 

    Hopefully the issue with API can be resolved soon! Thanks! 

  • Marek Ziolkowski

    Thanks for a great app! Hopefully this can be resolved. :)

    Plus one for the “Fake Garmin-device” feature. This is the only feature missing as of now, otherwise the workaround works fine.

  • Louise Thomasen

    If these changes are a permanent, our developer will need to find a workaround and implement it - and he usually does!

    Unfortunately the whole development team (all one of them) is currently beyond reach up in the Himalayas while attempting to reach the top of Mera Peak (6.476 m).

    If all goes as planned, he will be back in the office on November 6 and will look into this first thing in the morning.

    In the mean time, what I can offer you guys is only this temporary fix. It is not perfect (I know). “Fake Garmin Device” is not included, and it doesn't seem to update in all the sections / summaries on the Garmin Connect website. I'm truly sorry for this.

    To all of you wonderful users - thank you for your kind words about RunGap.

  • Jim

    Good luck to the team!

  • Jm

    Hi, I'm trying to apply the workaround fix: Garmin Web Connect → TCX → iCloud Drive folder RunGap Incoming → and Sync from RunGap.

    Everything seems ok, but the distance and the elevation gain, maybe some other data, doesn't match. For instance I have an activity with 100.79Km and +1124m, but in RunGap after the manual import shows: 100.92Km +1014m

    There are some extra workaround for this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mikka Luster

    @jm you might want to try exporting in „original“ format instead. TCX, as far as I am aware, does not transport 3D data, which could account for some or most of it.

  • Jm

    Ok! FIT format “original”, works perfect!! Thanks a lot!

    No import title and notes…this is a minor issue.

  • Paul

    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the quick response to my email, and for providing the steps above as a fix while you try to diagnose the problem. So grateful for actual customer support!

  • Elaine Pinder

    Agree, I love RunGap and the cost is minimal but I did purchase only for Garmin uploads. Hoping it gets fixed soon and Garmin cooperates. I am somewhat technically challenged and wasn’t able to get the work around to work but I’ll keep trying 👍

  • Climbbike

    Ok. I was going to bitch and moan that it still wasn’t fixed but climbing Mera Peak is a pretty darn good excuse. Best of luck to him. 

  • Tina Blake

    Temp fix worked well. Super easy. Thanks and look forward to the fix. Cheers!

  • Pedro Martins Dusso

    👋  Louise, thanks for the reply. Wishing godspeed for the team at Mera Peak.

    One thing to consider, in the future, is the possibility to open source the code and let us help in the app development. We are looking for the functionality, not the money, and I'm sure many users (me included) would like to help.

  • emiliorotondoinclan

    Thank you fo the temp fix. Hope you find a solution quickly! 

  • Heiko

    Das meckern hier ist schon schlimm. 
    Garmin ändert mal wieder den Zugang um Fremdanbieter fern zu halten und Run Gap ist Schuld ???

    Es wurde gerade eine Beta Version veröffentlicht. Keine zwei Wichen nach der Änderung..

    Garmin Upload funktioniert damit wieder. (Die offizielle Version muss wohl noch von Apple freigegeben werden)

    Ich bin jedenfalls froh meine Daten mit diesem Programm aus unterschiedlichen Quellen zentral zusammen zu haben.

  • Andreas A

    Testing Beta, works perfect

  • Jan Dorvil

    Beta works like a charm 👍 Thanks for the quick follow up.

  • Climbbike

    Seems to work. Thank you. How did the climb go?


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