Geotag Photos and Video on your iPhone, iPad and iCloud Photo Library for free with RunGap

With the free RunGap app you can easily geotag photos and video on your iPhone, iPad and iCloud Photo Library with locations from GPX, TCX, FIT files - or GPS workouts from any of the 20 popular services supported by the app. 

Tagging your photos and videos with information about the locations where they were captured allows you to view them on a map and enables the Photo app to group your events in smarter ways.

By default your iPhone is set to record the location information on photos and videos captured using the camera app. However this can be turned off and sometimes using the built-in GPS is not an option due to battery constrains.

If you carry a high-end camera it may have built-in GPS units that geotag your photos. However most entry-level DSLR cameras do not have that functionality.

Wouldn't it be nice to automatically assign precise locations to the photos that you took during your trek in the Himalayas while you had the location service on your iPhone shut off in order to preserve battery?

Or how about those pictures off you struggling during your latest marathon taken by your friends? Maybe even the pictures taken at the starting line before the race started and in the finish area with a medal around your neck?

If you used a GPS watch or any of the supported apps to track your workouts, you can easily geotag your photos and videos from these events:

1) Make sure that your photos and videos have the correct date and time assigned.

Sometimes people forget to set the time and date in the DSLR camera - or maybe the timezone wasn't updated correctly. If you are using iCloud Photo Library and the Photos app on a Mac, you can quickly adjust the date and time as well as the timezone for a number of photos and videos in a single operation.

Please note that occasionally inaccurate time information is displayed on the iPhone for photos captured while travelling in a different time zone - even when the photos are correctly time stamped on the Mac. You can ignore this for now since RunGap will make it real easy to verify the time later.

2) Open your activity in RunGap and choose "Tag Photos" from the upper, right "…" menu.

This will open up the "Geotag Photos" view as displayed below. If you don't see the "Tag Photos" in the "…" menu it is most likely because there is no GPS data available for that activity.

RunGap offers 3 options that can be adjusted to your needs while tagging photos and videos.

"Tag All Day" will use the starting location of the activity for all photos and videos captured since the previous midnight until the beginning of the activity and similarly use the end location of the activity for all photos and videos taking after the activity stopped until the following midnight.

This is handy when trekking from village to village in the mountains or for photos taken at the starting and finishing lines right before and after the activity started and ended.

"Update Existing Location" allows you to overwrite previously assigned locations in case they are faulty or less precise. If you are using iCloud Photo Library, you can both revert to the original locations as well as remove the locations later from the Photos app on a Mac.

"Fix Time Zone" allows you to compensate for silly adjustments to the time stamps that Apple's Photos Framework some times applies to photos captured in other time zones. Apparently this is supposed to make things easier for developers - but at best makes things more unpredictable and interesting.

RunGap will always show you the first and last photo/video to be tagged along with the local time they were captured as shown in the picture below. You should always verify that the time is correct and try to enable "Fix Time Zone" if not, before tagging.

3) Hit "Tag"

When you hit the "Tag" RunGap will quickly tag your photos and videos, and if you are using the iCloud Photo Library they will soon be updated on your other devices as well.


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