Using Auto Sharing with RunGap


Starting with RunGap version 2.9.8 subscribers to the virtual Swag Bag [1] can use Auto Sharing to automatically upload new workouts to multiple services. 

Enabling Auto Sharing

To use the new “Auto Sharing” feature you must:

1) Mark all services from which you want to share new workouts by enabling "Use As Source" under “Advanced Settings” for these services under "Accounts & Settings". If you want to limit the workouts exported a particular service to certain types, you can select these types as "Destination Activities".

2) Mark all services to which you want to share new workouts by enabling "Use As Destination" under "Advanced Settings"  for these services under "Accounts & Settings".

3) Open "Auto Sharing" from "Accounts & Settings" and specify the number of days to look back when searching for new workouts that needs sharing.

Failing to do any of the above will disable Auto Sharing.

When Auto Sharing has been configured, new activities will automatically be shared after a refresh or whenever you choose “Auto Share” from “Share & Export” in the upper, left main menu.

If you leave “Ask before sharing” enabled under “Auto Sharing”, you will be prompted before the new workouts are shared. You can choose “Later” when asked, if you would like to make edits to the new workouts before sharing them. When done editing you can either do another refresh or choose “Auto Share” from “Share & Export” in the upper, left main menu.


Let's say that you regularly use either an Apple Watch or a Garmin device to track your workouts and that you want to share your workouts with friends on Strava and Endomondo. Only cycling workouts should be shared on Strava.

In this case you will need to edit the "Advanced Settings" for all 4 sources.

For "Health" (Apple Watch) and Garmin Connect you enable both "Use As Source" and "Use as Destination". If you don't want workouts from your Apple Watch to copied to Garmin and vice versa, you can choose to leave the "Use as Destination disabled.

For Strava and Endomondo you enable only "Use as Destination". For Strava you select "Cycling (Any)" as "Destination Activities".

Next you need to configure the number of days to look back for new workouts. Entering a value of 7 will look at workouts performed during the past week. It is recommended to leave "Ask before sharing" enabled because it will give you a chance to edit new workouts before they are shared as described above.

With this configured new workouts from either your Apple Watch or Garmin Device will automatically be shared on all 4 services as needed whenever new workouts are imported.

All you have to do in order to get the 4 services in sync is to launch RunGap and do a single refresh gesture from the "Activities" list. If you enable "Refresh on Open" you only need to launch RunGap.


 [1] The "Swag Bag" contains extra features and special deals reserved for RunGap users who support the development, maintenance and support of RunGap by subscribing. Choose "Swag Bag" from the upper, left main menu to get yours.

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    When will the new version be available on the App Store?

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    Kristian Ottosen


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    Any chance we might see Auto Sharing working in background mode? That would allow completely automatic workout sync between sources & destinations.

    Would be very useful to automatically get Apple Watch workouts to other services.

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