RunGap 2.9 with Apple Watch Route Maps is finally here.



iOS 11 is great news for Apple Watch owners.

Finally RunGap can both read and write workouts including the route maps and with the "Swag Bag" you can share your workouts with friends on all the popular services. This has been one of the most asked for features since the Apple Watch first came out.

Obviously you must be running iOS 11 in order to take advantage of this feature.

In order to fetch fresh copies including maps from Health you must first delete the previously imported workouts from RunGap. This is done by swiping left on the workouts in the "Activities" list and taping delete.

You can set a filter showing only workouts from source "Health" from the upper, right "…" menu to see only the workouts imported from Health.
Finally you must tap "Resynchronise Activities" for "Health" under "Accounts & Settings" to fetch fresh copies.

If you want to export your workouts to Health including maps you will first need to remove previously exported workouts from Health.
You can delete the previously exported workouts from Health by opening "RunGap" from “Sources”, open “Data” and then choose "Delete All Data from RunGap".
This may take a while if you have many workouts. Please be patient.

Finally you can export all your workouts to Health at once from the upper, left menu or individually by opening a workout and choosing "Share" from the upper, right "…" menu.

Version 2.9 also supports the new iPhones including iPhone X.

Get RunGap on the App Store.

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    Felix Weber

    Great! It works fine most of the time, but sometimes, I experience troubles sharing the GPS coordinates to other apps like endomondo. So the Map is in Activity / Health and in Run Gap, but not in Endomondo.


    Anywy, thanks for the great feature!

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    Kristian Ottosen

    Please contact so we can fix this issue together.

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